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Whether be it A Class,B Class, C Class if it is not controlled or extinguished at the very early stage as we have seen & known that a slight mistake causes big accident & leaving behind very damaging result to our Life , Property , Wealth.


To  increase the public awareness on fire prevention methods  as well as to revolutionize the fire extinguishing market we  by introducing first time in India our simple to use, effective and cutting-edge products.


Improve Quality of Life of people with SAFE, INNOVATIVE & ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS to the nation and countries in the region.


Safety & Reliability Product : safety, quality assurance and brand reliability.

Our People

We are well backed up by a strong team of qualified and dedicated experts who have vast understanding in their respective area and of related technicalities involved in the process. Their extensive knowledge helps us to carry out every job with extreme efficiency, thus minimizing every possibility for any defect from their end. Our procuring experts are proficient enough and try their best to offer an invincible line of products that is high on every aspect of dependability and safety.

Customer Value

Being a quality centric company, we are focused to offer every client quality range of products passed through extensive testing parameters. as per the requirements of our valued clients. We strongly accept that total client satisfaction is the final payoff that an organization can cherish. We are also alert with the sensitivity of our domain, therefore, we try our best to offer only that products that have  sturdy construction and corrosion resistance.



ISO 9001:2008

Certified to National Standards Korea (KFI)

Maintenance Free

Easy to use for all ages

5 yrs Life span

No Training Required

Non - Toxicity

Environment Friendly

A simple throw does the job

No need to shake